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Readers reviews of Share Trading

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Modesty prevents me for making any comments about this book. - Daryl Guppy

Timothy Nicolle

Share Trading is the perfect starting point for anyone interested in trading shares for a consistent profit. It quite accurately tells you the place a small private trader has in the market and the tools he needs to acquire to trade profitably.
Describes the advantages of being a private trader and gives an introduction to the benchmark for trading and the composition of trades that should take place. It builds the most important foundations of
trading being money management and risk management. Extremely useful technical tools are introduced to apply to your chosen segment of the market.
This book provides the pivot point for all out there who want to start trading.

This book captures the basics and the intricacies with enough attention to detail to enable a novice to move to more complex books with ease.


Bernie Wheeler (UK)

What a relief to read an investment book that is written in 'plain english' (or should that be Plain Australian ?!). If I could sum it up as - Written in a clear and consise style with humour that  Investors and Traders should be glad this is one 'Guppy' that didn't get away !! from California , May 18, 1998 5 out of 5 stars
Exceptional book for beginners and experienced traders.
Recommended reading for those having trouble getting into -- and more importantly -- getting out of a position. Written in Australian so requires some translation, but not really a problem. A MUST read for short term traders at any level. , February 10, 1998 4 out of 5 stars
Great Book!
This is a book well worth reading. It emphasises the advantage of small position traders and that money management is essential. It starts with the basics and builds from there. Guppy talks a lot about the importance of a trading plan and developing your own index to aid in monitoring the stocks you follow. Best of all he encourages you that a trader can start small and build up a decent portfolio. Although written for the Australian market it can be adapted anywhere.



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