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Readers reviews of TRADING TACTICS

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Modesty prevents me for making any comments about this book - Daryl Guppy

I read Trading Tactics as a bright green novice (bright as in the colour, not the intelligence!) three years ago.  I just finished reading it a second time and through large sections of the book it was almost as if I had picked up a completely new, and totally unfamiliar text.  I think this is a gauge, generally, for the insight contained in a book.  For the improving trader who is no longer novice, but also not yet a wily veteran, sometimes the difference between decisions that underpin average results and those that lead to great results, are subtle.  The chapters, especially towards the end of the book offer perceptive trading philosophy and trading wisdom honed through years of experience at the hot end of the coal face, and is far beyond the scope of a trading novice new to the game to fully grasp upon the first read.  This is a must read for those starting out, but I also encourage those of you who have it on your shelf to pull it out, dust it off, and re-read, through more experienced eyes, what is truly a gift given by an undoubtedly great trader.  One’s trading could only improve from the refresher.


Colin Miller, 2010



This book capture the basics and the intricacies with enough attention to detail to enable a novice to move to more complex books with ease. from California , May 18, 1998 5 out of 5 stars
Same high caliber as Daryl Guppy's Share Trading.
A follow-on to the previous book by the same author, no duplication. This is the tactical side of trading, very detailed and usable for any level of expertise.  Highly recommended reading.



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