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Readers reviews of Technical Analysis for Trading Index Warrants

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Daryl Guppy

This is a collection of brief introduction to a handful of common technical analysis tools. The title includes Index warrants, but other areas are covered as well. The main advantage of this book is that it puts these indicators into an Australian context. It is similar to an updated version of  Merill Armstrong's, Charting Made Easy.


Many of the examples use Index Warrants, but the book is written by an options trader who sees warrants as extended options. This book should be read in conjunction with other books about tools, techniques and indicators.


Chris Temby

This is a timely book which explains index warrants, the newly introduced and very popular product on the ASX, which are suitable for both trading and portfolio protection. Other topics are covered as is evident from the book subtitle Strategies and Index-Linked Investments to Build and Protect a Share Portfolio. Some technical indicators applicable to stock indices are investigated and their performance on the All Ordinaries Index determined. Attention is paid to back-testing and simple stops to build confidence and enhance profits through trading the medium term trends.

Having a reliable method of picking medium term trends, other products for trading these trends are investigated including investment companies like Australian Foundation, Argo, etc and index-linked managed funds.

A advantage of the book is that all technical analysis and examples are related to the Australian stock market.



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