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Readers reviews of Investment Secrets of a Hedge Fund Manager

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Daryl Guppy

This is a sparse book containing four very useful trading approaches. These approaches take advantage of quite simple, but well researched, observations about the market. Remove the many examples and the book is not much more than a pamphlet. This makes the price tag look even more expensive.


The book does have value. A single trading idea well applied in your chosen market soon pays for the book. These trading methods are not revolutionary, but like most other trading approaches, are incremental improvements on indicators and strategies already in common use relating to trading gaps, using volatility, a very short term reversal pattern and an interesting manipulation of NYSE Advance Decline information to provide trading signals. Although the last of these is backtested, it does require the reader to take a leap of faith to apply it to other Exchange A_D information.


This is a useful book, but buy it for its ideas, not for any detailed explanation of trading approaches. Its specialist nature will deter most readers and disappoint many who are not already seasoned traders.



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