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Readers reviews of The Super Traders

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Daryl Guppy

This is a must read book if you are interested in trading the US markets. This is one of the best detailed descriptions of the processes in US markets, from the role of market makers and specialists, to traders completing orders for Institutions. US markets are not transparent in the way Australian markets are, so there are many traps for new players. The continuous electronic auction we are used to is just part of the way prices are set on US Exchanges. Everybody wants a bite of your trading action, and this book details how those bites are taken - described by those who developed and use the techniques. The last person to get paid is the private trader. Those who believe buying and selling is a simple contract between yourself and a known buyer on the other side of the trade will be surprised at just how the bid and ask quotes are achieved, and how many middlemen get fat on your simple trading transaction.



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