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Readers reviews of Bear Trading

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Modesty prevents me for making any comments about this book - Daryl Guppy


Bear Trading helps the reader understand the different dynamics underlying bear markets as opposed to bull markets, and that the conditions of this different beast render regular bull market trading tactics far less useful to traders.  This book provides insight into the different types of bear markets that traders should be aware of, and how they can recognise them.  As in all of Guppy’s books specific trading tactics that work in these environments are then explained in detail using real trade examples, charts, and diagrams.  These tactics include both long and short side trading approaches that when used by traders who are cautious and quick on their feet can not only survive the bear, but prosper.  The book explores some of the attitudes and emotions among market participants that are kindled by the bear that traders should be aware of and avoid.  In this respect the book tells the trader what NOT to do as well as what TO do.  A section of the book delves more deeply into the warrants and options derivatives market than the author has done in other books, but this is not the book’s only focus by a long shot.  Since the book was first published in 1998 the now widely popular Contracts for Difference (CFD)s derivatives market was not available to the trader, and hence this is one topic deficiency that may be rectified in later editions.


Colin Miller, 2010


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