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Readers reviews of How to Handle a Bear Market

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Essentially this book looks at a variety of 'insurance' strategies for survival in a prolonged bear market, or market collapse followed by a slow recovery. It is aimed at investors and looks at strategies appropriate for indirect shareholders, mums and dads, retirees and young investors. It has a chapter that covers some limited trading strategies, but this is not its main focus, so traders will find it lacking in detail and specifics.


The many investors who have not given a though to bear market survival will find this book a very useful guide to a range of strategies. Certainly well worth reading before you talk to a financial advisor because it provides the types of questions you need to ask as well as indicating other areas that are worth asking for more detail about. Contain a lot more useful information than many books aimed at the investment market which seem to assume that bears do not exist, and when they do, that a sit tight and hold strategy is an effective response.



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