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Readers reviews of The Crisis of Global Capitalism

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This is a philosophical book, and will probably disappoint readers who are looking for the inside running on Soros and his methods. Unfortuntaley, it is quite repetitive as he circles around his concept of reflexivity and relates it to w wider range of modern philosophical thought.


His discussion on the way unrestricted capital flows have created an unintended consequence is a good argument for the imposition of some style of currency trading controls. His solutions border on being trite, although his observations about the development of transactional economies and the collapse of ethics are pertinent and perceptive.


This is a book in a hurry, and it shows. This is a book for readers who want a broader understanding of just what is happening in the world of financial trading and the threat it poses to the very free market system it purports to support. It is not a book with step by step instructions for building wealth.



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