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Readers reviews of Trading To Win

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All experienced traders understand that defeat in the markets is more often due to our own actions at the time than to the analytical tools we use. We accept that we cannot always be right in our analysis, but actually taking the steps to withdraw from losing positions is more difficult. This books develops practical groundwork for making these changes.


Kiev considers the psychology of trading - of winning and losing - and based on many years of working as a trading coach with a number of trading firms, he shows the types of reactions that destroy traders. He also shows the way winning traders think and work. The focus is quite different from Schwagers Market Wizards books and just as useful. Particularly useful is the way Kiev shows how to get from average performance to better performance.


The central tenant of the book is that traders do better when they set themselves goals in each trade. This elevates the importance of trade planning. With defined goals the trader is able to focus on getting those results and this means understanding more fully the personal factors which inhibit, or contribute, to success.



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