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Readers reviews of How To Get Started In Electronic Day Trading

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This is a much more useful book for day trading techniques. Australian readers will need to wade through lots of irrelevant information about market maker activity before they get to useful sections. The booked is spoiled by too many phoney trade mark names, such as Crash Landings, for common market patterns, but this should not deter you from reading it.


The book has a good selection of rules for end of day trading which form the basis of day trading actions. It also has a very good section of the best ways to trade news releases. Scattered throughout the book is useful material for Australian traders.


We have the advantage working in the fairest market in the world. We do not have to deal with fake bid and offers which the market maker can decide if they will honour or not (p 158), not do we have to worry about market manipulation in its most obvious forms (p 6-8, 91). With these problems built into US markets the main thrust of this book is to help the trader understand what the market maker is thinking rather than understanding the market.



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