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Readers reviews of The Way To Trade

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This books introduces the idea of a trading pyramid. This is a useful way of showing how all the elements of trading - system, technique, personality, beliefs - all relate to each other. Each of these levels becomes a chapter. Each chapter carries a 10 point summary at the end. The structure of the book is clear and predictable.


The book does tend to suggest that there is only one right way to approach trading. The emphasis in the title on "THE’ rather than a more suitable "A way to trade" confirms this feeling. The book does tend to pay only lip service to the notion that there are multiple ways to trade. Often the real decision is to choose the appropriate market, match it with appropriate skills, and combine it with a trading approach you are comfortable with.


Piper draws on extensive options and futures trading experience and this is reflected in his ideal construct for a trader. The book is good and does give a good coverage of market and trading conditions but it does tend to have a fairly narrow focus on the right way and the wrong way. Readers can compare these approaches with approaches used by other traders. From all of these we will select those bits which make sense to us and which we are comfortable with.



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