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Readers reviews of Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom

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Daryl Guppy

This is one of the best trading books I have read for quite a while. It is one of the very few books that examines the relationship between position size and risk, and the way this has to be integrated into in trading plan. His methods are different to those I discuss in Better Trading and my other books,  so this provides readers with a range of choices.


Van Tharp provides a good explanation of the trade planning process and the way trading systems relate to trading methods. His focus is on the way the individual trader improves his chances of success, or how they can hinder their survival. He also considers the way fundamental analysis can be matched with technical analysis to generate trading signals. His main point is that you do not have a trading system until you know the exit point.


This book does not delve into ways of understanding the market. It concentrates on how you can go about bringing together all the of elements of trading, tools, methods, and personal characteristics, to develop a trading approach which suits you. It is one of the essential books that new, and old, traders should read.


Just another comment re the above. I'm simply going to second the present review of Van Tharp's book. It is a first-rate examination of trading and trading psychology. I distinguish between books that are worth reading and those that are worth reading and owning. This is defintely in the latter category. Read it and re-read it!



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