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Readers reviews of The Trading Game

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This book is written for futures and derivatives traders. Its focus is on methods of obtaining geometric growth from leveraged instruments. There is good discussion on Optimal F, Fixed Ratio and Fixed Fractional trading approaches. This is a very useful comparision and summary of the various recent money management strategies. The book argues that risk management is different from money management. Anyone trading leveraged instruments should take the time to read this book. It is very useful and relevant for those trading anything from just a few contracts, to multi million dollar accounts. The book has little relevance at all for traders involved in the stock market.


Karl Wrigley

Although primarily aimed at futures trading, I found the discussion of money management very interesting and attempted to apply the ideas to stock trading. I had already thought about money management methods similar to those that Ryan Jones discusses that aims to boost the account in the early stages and slow down as the account grows.

Basically I thought that instead of increasing contracts as in futures, we increase our maximum $risk amount for any one trade. You can apply any delta value to the equation just as Ryan jones does. I find these ideas useful because small accounts using constant %risk from the beginning have the problem of slow initial growth, then unsustainable growth much later, as Jones describes throughout the book. I believe the concepts behind money management can be adapted to suit different markets.


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