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Readers reviews of The Secret of Writing Options

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This is a clear introduction to where the real money is made in options trading. Most people who trade options lose money because they are buying hope. The people who make money are those who are selling hope, and they do this by writing options. Bedford shows how this is done in an Australian context. She includes the nuts and bolts of order structure along with a down to earth explanation of the risk involved.

Many options traders are blinded by the mathematics of options, but Bedford shows how the option writer makes effective use of the psychology of the ‘market’ to lock in profits. This is not the attractive leveraged income enjoyed by just a few successful option traders. This book shows how steady profits are ground out day after day by option writers.


Writing options is one of the very few ways that traders have of creating a market. This permits a variety of risk control and hedging strategies only available to option writers. This is one of the more useful books in this area. Anyone thinking of trading options should read it.



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