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Readers reviews of The Edge of Chaos

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This is an excellent book that brings together history and modern understanding of crowd behaviour and its relationship to chaos theory. The research is excellent, and is focused on those aspects which help explain how bubbles begin to develop, how they evolve, and finally, what tips them over into a market crash.


Cohen explains these events with reference to chaos theory. It is one of the better applications of this theory to the real world of the markets and trading. I found it particularly useful in placing crowd behaviour and reactions into a market context. It helped me to understand why the Guppy multiple moving average indicator was successful, and what the various conditions and relationships were saying about market activity.


This is a much more useful book for understanding crowd relationships than the popular classic favourites, such as Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds. It is also a much better study and explanation of the Tulip bubble, the Mississippi Company, the South Sea Bubble and more recent market bubbles and collapses.


This is a practical application of theory to the market and this is something that we are all interested in as traders. It is a book worth reading as we approach the dizzy heights of Internet madness because buy understanding how this develops better traders are in a position to profit from it.



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