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Readers reviews of Damn Right

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I would have to say this is one of the more irrelevant and boring market books that I have read. It is like an investment version of WHO magazine without the pictures. We get to know all about that famous incident when Munger almost drowned Buffet, along with great details of  Mungers’ family. It also sings overblown praises for the Nebraska Mafia and you will be pleased to know that apparently all the of top investors have some connection with Nebraska.

Munger made is first $1.4 million in real estate, and then went on to work successfully with Buffet. I found little in the book about Buffets methods that has not been more successfully covered in other books. The book is just a few steps above celebrity gossip. It is not particularly useful for investors, and of very little use for traders.

We must respect Munger for what he has achieved, and how he has achieved it. There is no doubting his expertise. Unfortunately this book does not deliver on the information we want as readers. It does take us ‘behind the scenes’ but they are generally the wrong scenes. This is disappointing as her previous book on Buffet was very good.


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