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Readers reviews of  The Best Trading - Conversations with top traders

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Tony Compton

Most times after reading a new trading book I feel disappointed. Too often the sales pitch on the cover of the book or in reviews which reside on the Internet are not a true reflection of the contents. So it was a pleasant surprise to read a truly worthwhile addition to my trading library.  To quote from the foreword:

“ This book is about great traders. How they started, how they took their hard knocks and how they arrived at a strategy to conquer the markets. In short how they became great traders.”


It contains useful information in abundance. A practical treatise on how  these traders did it and how they continue to do it.  It deals in specifics and provides an insight into the minds of what can only be described as a group of super traders. Some of the names will not be familiar to Australian readers but anyone who can grow his account by 70,000 per cent (no there are no extra 0’s here) over a 4 and a half year period gets my attention no matter what or where he trades.


Gil Morales, Dr Christian Kacher, Kevin  Haggerty, Lewis Borsellino, Jeff Cooper and Mark Boucher are but a selection of the 14 traders who freely disclose their methodology to the interviewers.  They disclose the strategies that enabled them to obtain that edge that all of us seek over the competition that makes up the market.


The methods of William O’Neill (the author of How to Make Money in Stocks, and the developer of the CANSLIM system) figure heavily in their mindsets.  One could do worse than  follow the teachings of this outstanding mentor as many of the super traders have.

The book is well written and deserves to become a best seller.



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