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Readers reviews of A Beginners Guide to Day Trading Online

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Tony Compton

This is a worthwhile addition to any trading library. Ms Turner, an ex journalist, and professional trader, presents her information in an entertaining and easily read manner. Despite the title, all traders, both those new to trading and those who are experienced will find something for them here.

The book discusses setting up your day trading business, trading fundamentals to build on, stock cycles and the trend, stock selection, planning your trades, swing trading, losses and survival techniques.

The author bases her philosophy on two worthwhile trading Commandments: Protect your capital, and

Trade to trade well not to make money.


In case you wonder at the second ,consider her comment " Traders who routinely rake in big bucks don’t mentally count the dollars while they are trading. They don’t think, Wow; I’m up two points in AOL. Lets see, a thousand shares, times two dollars a share, equals two thousand dollars" Ms Turner includes many easily followed examples in plain English. I found this an enjoyable and beneficial read.


The front corner of the book notes it as a "National Best Seller". After reading it is easy to see why. It is inexpensively priced at $US14.95 recommended retail price.



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