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Readers reviews of Stock Trading Wizard: Advanced Short-Term Strategies for Swing and Day Trading

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Tony Compton

I purchased Stock Trading Wizard, along with two other titles by the same author (Day Trading Wizard and the Stock Trader) some time ago. It was part of a packaged deal, from the author’s web site offered with a 40% reduction in price. I was disappointed and found little that I consider advanced. Possibly that is a reflection of Mr Oz’s comment in Day Trading Wizard that simple works best for him. There is nothing wrong with this but I found the sub title misleading.

A large part of Stock Trading Wizard is irrelevant, although perhaps interesting, for Australian readers unless they trade the US markets. Just over one fifth of the book is devoted to an introduction to the somewhat unfair US electronic trading system. After reading it you will possibly begin to appreciate how advanced and fair our system is in comparison to that used by the Americans. However, for me, this information is presented better in other US titles.


The book begins with an introduction to the Stock Market , discusses some elements of Technical Analysis, Goes on to discuss Level II and Advanced Order Execution Systems , and then includes its saving grace, a section on "Trading for A Living" ending with a Day trading case study.


Much of the book is simplistic and shallow. I wondered when, in Day Trading Wizard, Mr Oz commented that maybe his book was too advanced for beginners. I hope that was said tongue in cheek. From the manner in which it was said, I doubt it. At the recommended retail of US$96. This self published title is grossly overpriced. Its saving grace is a section on Trading for a Living, which many readers may find worthwhile. For a number of contrary opinions I refer you to which contains 55 reviews of the book, most of them positive.


This book contrasts starkly in value with The Stock Trader which presents a fascinating insight into the mindset of a gun slinging risk taker, who is successful because of a strict adherence to stop loss limits and who understands the importance of money management. One can’t help but respect and admire Mr Oz for exposing his soul to the world in The Stock Trader. It is a shame that this was tarnished (for me) by Stock Trading Wizard.



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