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Readers reviews of Money makes the World Go Round

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This book starts off with a great idea – lets track how our investment money is used by our banks and fund managers to invest around the world.


The results is disappointing on two levels. First, the book is slow reading. Second, the money you placed into a eco-friendly and ethical fund manager is unlikely to help the people you want to help. Instead financing is more often a game of  smoke and mirrors where money is shuffled from one loan to another, from one interest payment to a new debt transfer.


Garson shows that this capital very rarely hits the ground, and when it does, the results are often the reverse of what we expect. Instead of helping people, it all too often destroys their lives by encouraging debt financed expansion. It is a complex relationship, and Garson does explore it effectively.


Her example of Al Dunlap’s activities with Sunbeam and the way this led to the destruction of a solid company shows how the interests of the funds and banks are not the same as the interests of productive companies.


I trade the market because my speculative activity provides funds directly to individual companies to help them to expand, to employ people, and to improve their business. When I trade, or invest directly, I can make sure my money hits the ground. For those concerned with ethical investing, Garsons book suggests that direct investment is a better option.



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