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Readers reviews of Technical Charting for Profits

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What sets this book apart from others on charting is some new indicators and the focus on using internet chart resources. His  discussion of Balance or Power, Money Stream, and Time Segmented Volume indicators is very useful. These indicators are found on the software and data service that he is associated with. They are proprietary indicators. With some work they can be adapted to Metastock and other charting packages. In any case they provide traders with some interesting ideas which can be developed and explored in other markets.


The book is worth adding to your collection just for these features and discussion. The book includes chapters on options and trading the short side of the market. These are useful and provide a  good coverage of these trading areas.


A useful feature of the book is the quiz at the end of each chapter. This helps to ensure that you have fully understood the material discussed. The questions also provide some useful answers to problems you may encounter when  using some of these indicators.



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