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Readers reviews of De Villiers and Taylor on Point and Figure Charting

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This is one of the classics of point and figure charting. It covers all the essential point and figure chart patterns, including catapults, fulcrums, point and figure count, congestion areas etc.


The De Villers method is the only point and figure method that permits the mixing of X and O in the same column. Neither the classic or Chartcraft methods allow this to happen. This mixing is mainly due to the primary data  sources used in the construction of DeVilliers style charts. This is the ticket tape. The one box and one box reversal charts rely on what we now call course of trades data. They are essentially based on tick data.


The construction of three box, and three box reversal charts does not use end of day data figures. Instead it is a consolidation of the tick data into more manageable scales. This condenses the one point moves.

The De Villers method is an excellent application of point and figure charting to intraday trading. It is the method used by floor traders to mark the back of their trading cards. It is the methods that should be applied to intraday charts.


For traders interested in point and figure charting, this is an essential book. A detailed discussion of the differences in point and figure construction methods is on the web site under the Point and Figure button.



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