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Readers reviews of The Bear Book

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This book as a simple proposition: The bear market is always with us, either in individual stocks, or in the wider market. The real message of this book is that stocks always carry risk. Experienced traders know this, but in a  bull market there is a tendency to forget that there is any market risk.


The book starts with the 1929 crash and compares the way markets developed in this period with the current market activity. History does repeat, but not in exactly the same way. The devil is in the detail, but alert traders can recognise  these details and effectively manage risk.


The book shows how risk is managed both from a  trade selection perspective, and by employing a wider range of investment tools. These includes specific trading strategies designed to take advantage of a falling market.  It also includes investment in different markets, financial instruments and in funds that take a more bearish view of world events.


This is very useful overview and guide to bear market strategies. They should not be applied just in a  bear market. These are survival strategies for every market. For investors the information for making better use of funds management tools, and  hedge funds provides a way to bear proof longer term portfolios. Traders will find this a good broad outline guide but they will not find specific trading tactics.



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