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Readers reviews of Professional Options Strategies For Private Traders
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Some books you pick up and you know from the first page that the author really knows what he is talking about. Trading experience quickly shows through when writing books about trading and trading methods.
Katiforis knows the options market and it shows. This is an excellent discussion of options trading strategies for stock index, commodities, interest rates, currencies and other futures markets using a range of option instruments. He includes strategies and tactics for trading directional and flat markets as well as trending markets.

Each section includes a discussion of the characteristics of the market and the major factors which effect price behavior. Each of the strategies discussed includes comprehensive notes on risk characteristics, profit potential, the effects of time decay and implied volatility. This is a very practical book.

He uses OptionVue software to set up and analyze the trading opportunities. Later sections of the book show screen shots of these processes. This is high end trading, and not suitable for the beginner. These are markets dominated by the professionals, and Katiforis outlines some major principles in options trading used by professional traders but usually unknown to many private traders.

This is an excellent book for traders interested in trading options in general, and options on futures in particular. For Australian traders this provides the most comprehensive coverage of options instruments available.



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