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Readers reviews of Margin Lending Explained

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This is a comprehensive reference book on the structure, format and operation of margin lending. It includes margin lending for shares, property and derivatives. Margin lending in the property market is called gearing. When applied to the equity market it carries some additional risks.

This books covers the fundamentals of the lending process and provides a broad and detailed cover of the risk involved and the way this risk is monitored.

Traders who are interested in exploring margin lending options will use this book to undertake the necessary background research prior to talking to a broker or financial institution about a margin facility.

The discussion of the taxation implications of these strategies is particularly useful for Australian readers.

The discussion is excellent, and the details clearly explained, although watch out for some of the assumptions. These include the benefits of cost averaging and the simple advice that the strategy rests on good stock selection.

The book does not cover margins as applied and used in futures trading.



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