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Readers reviews of The Share Traders Handbook

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This is a brief handbook and it covers a lot of ground lightly. As a hand book, this brings a number of technical and fundamental market features together in   the examination of popular technical analysis indicators and charting techniques. Berg understands his material and shows how these indicators can be effectively used to improve various trading strategies. The discussion of chart patterns includes basic recognition features, but it does not always move on to show how these patterns are applied to take advantage of, for instance, a head and shoulders pattern. While patterns and indicators are interesting, many traders are also interested in why they work.

This is a quick reference book, or a starting point for those who want to moce beyond the text book basics of technical analysis and charting. As an introduction it  also  provides a good guide to other books dealing with subjects and topics that the reader may wish to follow up more completely.

One of the main points of interest is the combination of of fundamental analysis as part of the trade selection process.



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