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Readers reviews of MONEY & POWER - The History of Business

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This is a book of historical gossip that skims across the surface of important issues. It is based on the CNBC documentary of the same name and the book unintentionally highlights the difference between TV scripts and books. What appears to provide a in-depth understanding of the subject on TV is revealed as much lighter in content when read in print.

Perhaps I was expecting too much. I was looking for information on how these financiers fitted into the context of their societies. I wanted to understand what made them different and how they saw things in new ways that lead to a series of financial revolutions. Every time I went to dig a little deeper I found the narrative had hit bedrock and no more details were available. Perhaps I was looking for a modern equivalent of Tawney’s ground breaking book, Religion and the Rise of Capitalism.

Instead I found good biographies and interesting snippets of personal information. The coverage of Robert Woodruff is one of the more interesting chapters that links time, people, opportunity and new ideas together in an effective way. The book is a collection of biographies rather than a history of the development of business.



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