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Readers reviews of MASTERING RISK
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This book achieves exactly what it title suggests and it is good material. It is an excellent practical survey of risk and the way it influences market trading activity. Readers who are interested in the application of particular risk management approaches will find them discussed in detail.

The book recognizes that there are many solutions to the problem of managing risk in financial markets. Some solutions are more effective than others. Some solutions are more suited to traders with small accounts. Lally takes the reader through the steps in identifying the nature of the risk for each of these strategies. Then he shows how the theory is applied with some practical examples.

He provides enough of the mathematical background to the calculations to allow the reader to extended this discussion to stocks in their own portfolio. The book is not heavy with mathematics, but there is enough to allow readers to duplicate the calculations.

In addition to the discussion of financial risk calculations he shows how each of these approaches is integrated with charting and technical analysis methods. This includes the use of ATR, Bollinger Band and ADX style indicators to set the parameters of the trade which are then matched with a variety of financial risk management strategies.

This is not an historical survey of risk. It is a traders handbook and recommended for those who want to increase their understanding of risk, or brush up on what they think they already know. This is one of the best practical books on trading risk for private traders that I have read.



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