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This is a comprehensive book on chart and technical analysis methods and tools. It fills the gap between the beginners introduction and the advanced and detailed coverage provides in books like Schwager on Technical Analysis.

It does not include detailed formula for each indicator discussed. Instead the focus is on explaining the market features the indicator is designed to track. The coverage of trends, oscillator based indicators, chart patterns and other features is good. Many of the charts examples are drawn from the futures market. It is a handy reference book.

The second section deals with setting stops and some related money management issues. Despite the lengthy discussion, I think these issues are covered in a more practical sense in other books. However, this is a good starting point for further analysis and exploration. The collection of chart examples with answers is a useful addition to the book.

The third section dealing with software and trading system development is a general introduction to this area. Again, use this as a background before moving onto more specialized books which cover this complex topic in greater depth and detail.

The final section deals with the personal characteristics that are required for successful market trading.  This is a good comprehensive coverage of technical analysis and some of the issues related to trading. It is a good book for those who want to move beyond the basics.



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