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Readers reviews of TRADING CHAOS
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The market shows a natural flow and cannot be readily understood using linear and Newtonian analysis methods. This is the central thesis of this book. Williams shows how fractal patterns are repeated, and how they can be used to more effectively understand market behaviour. He ties this analysis in with Elliott Wave analysis, and Fibonnacci approaches.

His argument is that these work with the natural flow of the market and recognise the repeated non liner cycles. It makes for interesting reading.

This is the theoretical basis for his approach to the market. The book uses this, but also shows how traders can move from bare survival to trading success by improving their understanding of the market, later their understanding of themselves, and finally by bringing these two understandings together. Not all readers will feel comfortable with this psychological approach to improving trading results but experienced traders will recognise many accurate statements.

I found the book most useful in terms of discussing how a trader develops the level of skills necessary to move from novice to success. Others will find the discussion of Elliott Wave very useful, and in particular the methods Williams uses to identify an accurate wave count.


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