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Readers reviews of EVERYDAY TRADERS
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Traders are always interested in how other traders solve the problems of trading. We look for hints and ideas. We read to find out about new approaches or just to confirm that what we are doing is on the right track. This book provides these insights with interviews with eleven Australian traders.
These are all futures or derivatives traders and this brings a particular flavour to the book. This is particularly so when it comes to money management, risk control and position sizing.

Several common themes run through every interview. These successful traders rely on discipline, money management and capital preservation. They have a thirst for knowledge, and a passion for their task. None of them believe they have mastered the market, but each of them is a successful trader.

From my perspective these are the important messages in the book. Other readers will look for clues about trading systems, the use of indicators and read carefully looking for trading secrets that can be programmed into their charting or analytical software. There are some interesting ideas, but the most important information is in the features which unite these traders rather than in the differences in their specific trading approaches.

This is an interesting book that provides useful insights into the activities of these traders. It is good to see material that features Australian traders and Radge has done an excellent job in bringing these together.


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