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The 2006 edition remains as useful as the previous editions. Now in its 12th year of publication, this book is an essential resource for those who are interested in quickly identifying companies based on exhaustive fundamental analysis.

This book is an excellent short cut for traders who want to apply first rate fundamental analysis to selected stocks in the Australian market. Rather than spend hours on researching companies, statistics and performance, it is much easier to buy this book where Martin Roth has done all the hard work for you. A contributed chapter by Alan Hull shows how this information is used for more active investment.

The book also includes an extensive list of ranked tables comparing EBIT Margin, PE Ratios, Return on Assets and many other fundamental ratios. Other authors have called these magic numbers, and Roth extracts these for ready reference. These have been updated with some new ratios for the 2004 edition.
Roth knows how to apply fundamental analysis. Investors taking a fundamental approach have most of the information they need in this book. They can rely on the research and be confident that it is truly independent. Traders will also find the book useful in many ways.

First, it helps identify potential trading candidates with good fundamentals. Second, the book is a magnet for those people who prefer fundamental approaches to understanding the market. This book attracts an interesting crowd and their activity can provide a range of opportunities for traders.

This annual publication is the product of extensive research and analysis as it makes sense to use this short cut as a starting point for further analysis of investment and trading opportunities.


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