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Readers reviews of Options: A complete guide for Australian investors and traders

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The updated edition of this book contains very useful additions. The first of the four new chapters looks at arbitrage relationships. Although these strategies are usually beyond the capacity of the private trader, it is useful to know how they are used by larger fund managers and traders. Understanding their behaviour helps to identify opportunity, or to recognise early warning signs of danger to your trading approach.


The second new chapter shows how Bower trades the market. It is always interesting to see how others tackle the same problems that we all face. The third new chapter continues this theme with information on selecting an effective options broker, information systems and other practical issues related to the implementation of your option trading strategy.


The new appendix provides an expanded reference with information about options trading sites on the web, forms for recording trades and trade progress, and a summary of the best options markets.


The new material makes this a significant upgrade for this book. Additionally the workbook sections at the end of each chapter have also been revised and updated.


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