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Readers reviews of OPTIONS IN A NUTSHELL

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You could, quite literally, pay $4,000 for this information and still not get it delivered as clearly or accurately. Any number of free, or very cheap seminars promising to increase your wealth at no risk have the strategies discussed in this book as their core ‘trading system.” Typically they offer to give you more detail for a few extra thousand dollars. Buying this book is cheaper, more effective and it delivers a better understanding of the risks associated with this strategy.


 This book looks at the core options strategies related to covered calls. This includes the buy write and associated roll up, forward, out and down strategies. This is the basis of the way investors receive ‘rent’ for their shares. The concept is straightforward, but many people have difficulty in cutting through the industry terminology describing the processes.


Booth eases the way by using two fictional characters, Irene Investor and Sam Speculator. He starts with a proposed real estate property deal based around an offer to purchase. Many readers will find this introduction clear and easy to follow because the terms are familiar. The property deal is the equivalent to a covered call option trade. Booth makes the transition from property to shares smoothly, and carries the reader seamlessly from one type of market to the other.


The book remains on focus and is easy to follow. Booth writes in the introduction that he wrote the book to explain the benefits of the covered calls strategy. He achieves this clearly and readers will learn a great deal about the benefits, and the risks, of this strategy.



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