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Readers reviews of The Logical Trader

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This is a detailed explanation of a specific trading system. It is a logical step by step approach that is clearly explained. Like any system, there are tweaks and twists that apply to unusual situations. Fisher shows how these situations are identified, and how the trading approach is modified to either ignore, or take advantage of these conditions.


Fisher is an experienced trader and this shows in his writing. The book is sprinkled with good examples of trades that illustrate each of his points. His approach is based on calculating a potential range for price activity and identifying pivot conditions. Moves beyond the opening or pivot  range are a trigger for action. This range also sets the stop loss conditions. The construction and application of these ranges is quite precise and Fisher provides most of the detail required to implement this trading. He retains some calculations as they are proprietary.


Despite this the book is a very useful guide to this style of trading which can be applied to intra day, short term, and longer term trading. This book will appeal to traders who are interested in exploring systematic and mechanical trading systems.



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