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Readers reviews of Shares in a Nutshell

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Traditionally shares have been seen as a tool for investors. They provide the opportunity for an investor to own a small part of a company and participate in the risk and rewards of business. Success in this approach depends on understanding the fundamentals of a company. It is rather like deciding if we should purchase the corner store. It is evaluated as an ongoing business.


This book provides a good introduction to this process. It shows how to apply a top down approach based on top stocks in the soundest sectors of the markets. The essence of the approach is to identify a mismatch between value and price and to take advantage of it when making an investing decision. The objective is to buy a quality company at a discount price, or a quality company at a reasonable price.


This is a book for investors, and new investors in particular will find it useful. It brings together a broad coverage of the classic approach  to investing.  


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