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Readers reviews of The Options Course

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This is a comprehensive reference book on options trading strategies. It is designed in part as a text book to accompany the Optionetics seminars. It can also be used as a self paced   exploration of basic and advanced options trading strategies. The author is a respected and experienced options trader and this is reflected in the depth and coverage in the book.


The strategies in the book can be applied in most options markets, although they are most successful in the deep and liquid US options markets. This is the local edition of the book so it includes many Australian resources. It includes discussion of strategy modifications and applications to the Australian market. This makes the book particularly useful for those who wish to work with these approaches in this smaller market.

This is a book that should sit on every option traders desk.  This is a well structured book that reflects the lesson format of the options course conducted by Fontanills. Readers are given the opportunity to move from the basic options strategies to the more complicated approaches that help to lock in good returns under a variety of different market conditions.


The two sections, Option Strategy Reviews and Strategy Roadmaps provide a comprehensive summary,  assessment and coverage of option strategies.


This is a reference book, but it is also a  trading book. Every options trade must consider direction, duration and magnitude. These are important  theoretical concepts, covered in detail, but the options trader must also consider other factors relating to the way he trades. Fontanills addresses many of these issues, some of which are specific to options trading.


The book is not a substitute for the course. Dynamic teaching will help students to get more out of the book.


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