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Readers reviews of The Vital few Vs The Trival Many

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This is a small, and powerful book with one essential core idea or key thesis about the behavior of a select group of market plays. Like many successful investment strategies, the edge is found by taking information that is readily available, and applying a unique perspective. His strategy is based on a divergence of behavior from the expected behavior of  this select market group. It is explained in less than two pages and has the “Its so obvious, why didn’t I see it?” simplicity that underlies powerful investment strategies.


He starts by examining the three key reasons why investors lose money in the market. Although we might argue there are many more reasons, the ones he selects are amongst the most common. Having identified them, he spends a chapter on each examining solutions that he has found successful.


It is from these solutions that his understanding of the Vital Few emerges. More importantly, he explains how these are identified, how their activity is tracked, and how an investor can use this activity to improve their personal investment decisions. He uses a simple matrix to evaluate the factors in each investment decision. There are no secrets here. He explains the process clearly and provides good examples.


The final three chapters are an antithesis of the first three. He demonstrates how his key idea is applied to sharpening the investors ability to process investment information from a multitude of sources. He provides a logical solution to the problem of investment timing – when to buy and when to stand aside from the market. Finally he details the web sites and reports where readers can collect the information necessary to apply the strategy he has detailed. Many of these sites are free.


It is deceptively easy to come up with an interesting theoretical idea about ways to win in the market. When the author advises sixty money management firms with around one trillion dollars under management we know he speaks with authority and experience.


This is an excellent and challenging book. At less than 100 pages and for under US$16.00 it contains enough information to make a significant difference to your investing and trading strategies.



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