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Readers reviews of Understanding Investments

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This is a book for those who want to investigate and compare a range of investment options. The discussions include shares, cash based investments and property. New material in the latest edition includes hybrid securities, listed investment companies and hedge funds. An overview of choosing an investment advisor and using the internet for investment execution is also included.


The purpose is to explain the structure and usefulness of each of these investments. This allows the reader to develop a good understanding of  the financial instruments and options that are available and how they might fit into the readers investment plans. In addition to clear explanations of, for instance, futures and options, the book also explains the specialist terminology used, and suggests some additional sources of information.


No area is covered in exhaustive depth. The task is beyond the scope of the book. However the main areas of investment potential are discussed in a comprehensive fashion. Having read the book, readers will be more comfortable in exploring their particular areas of interest in further reading, or talking to brokers and advisors from an informed perspective.


The book achieves what the title claims. It helps readers to understand the range of investment opportunities and instruments that are available from shares and warrants, to hybrid securities, investment wraps and hedge funds. These are often daunting areas and this book provides a good clear summary of each of these areas.


This is a recommended starting point for background information before you visit a financial planner or consider a prospectus for a new float or fund management invitation. Readers will find little information useful for understanding how to trade the market.



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