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Readers reviews of It's When You Sell That Counts

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Success in the sharemarket is dependant upon when you sell a share. There are hundred's of books available which outline methods to buy shares, but very few look at the other half of the transaction.

Cassidy explores the reasons when you should sell and the problems that many people have with selling shares. He explores the reasons behind many of the rationalisations and phobias that we have.

The book is divided into 4 sections. The first two sections explore the reasons why we resist selling and he suggests ways to change your mind set to increase returns. Section three is on contrarian investing and
Section four explores some selling tactics.

The book is American, therefore one or two of the chapters are not directly relevant to Australian readers eg, "Using special rules for selling low priced stocks." Regardless, this book is a very worthwhile read for investors, regardless of the method they use to purchase stocks.



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