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This is an essential introduction to the world of index and sector investing and trading. Many people do not want to trade individual stocks. The new instruments listed on the exchange now allow people to trade a basket of stocks via a Listed Investment Company, or an index or sector, via an Exchange Traded Fund. Many of these are new financial instruments and this books sets out to explain what they are and how they work.

The background to each instrument is useful and it will give traders many ideas how these can be used to offer excellent trading opportunities. The authors focus is on these as investment tools and this is covered well.

The bulk of the book is an examination of the company details and background for each Listed Investment company, and the structure of each ETF. This is good background reading.

There is also a good discussion of Interest Rate Securities. While the focus is on the way these financial instruments are used in portfolio sense there is also much useful background information for traders.

This books is a starting point for those who are interested in applying fund trading techniques discussed in some of the US trading books.



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