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Readers reviews of WOMEN TALKING MONEY

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This is not specifically a book about trading, but it is a book about attitudes towards money, the market, and investing. There are a small number of very successful women traders. They bring particular sets of skills to understanding the market and managing risk. In my work in Asia I deal with many women who are brokers, fund managers, dealers and active private investors. This is quite different from Australia where unfortunately, many women see barriers in the market rather than opportunity. These barriers are erected by a male dominated investment industry who often tend to treat women with condescension. This treatment is a significant reason why many women feel uncomfortable with approaching market investments – and perhaps why some fall victim to less scrupulous schemes.

The book is useful for women who want to take more control of their financial lives. It is easy to talk about taking control, but it is a much more difficult process to implement. The interviews highlight problems experienced by others. This is useful because it shows that you are not alone. The interviews also detail the steps that people have taken to overcome these barriers and this provides some pathways for readers to explore.

Each chapter ends with questions to consider and with a list of contact points for further information. The book is a good starting point for those who are starting the process of taking control and becoming more financially literate. The book is of particular interest to women, but others will also find it useful in understanding some of the barriers to success.



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