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The objective of this book is to create a manuscript that mentors. This is the primary purpose of these interview books. I am not interested in the gossip of traders lives. I am interested in how they apply, modify and use trading techniques. The interviews provide an opportunity to understand and explore different options and this in turn helps me to develop and improve my own trading approaches.

In an isolated community of traders it is useful to realise that others have faced, and overcome, the same problems that you face. Their solutions help you develop your own solutions. I am not particularly interested in great traders. I am always interested in successful traders and particularly in those who trade their own funds.

Interviews with Jeff Cooper hit and run trading and Jon Najarian options are good reading. Just how Morales and Kacher achieved a 3200% (That is correct, 3,200%) return in their own personal account trading their own money is an interesting read.



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