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Readers reviews of Exploding the Myths
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David Harte    
This book is an excellent primer for anyone wishing to trade shares. It is written in an easy to read narrative style. Although the book's author is obviously an exponent of technical analysis and pattern recognition, the book covers these topics only at a rudimentary level. The message is not so much how to use technical analysis, more why we use it. The chapter devoted to the Darvas trading method is interesting however, and any exposure of Nick Darvas' methods is, in my opinion always welcome.

The real value in this book is probably those chapters that expose market myths, reveal some of the pitfalls for the unwary novice and promote the use of trade planning. The author's commonsense approach to trading is refreshing in its candour as it lambasts what he calls the BHP (Buy, Hold and Pray) method so often promoted by the investment industry. The author
overriding message is that the average investor does not need the industry "experts" and can probably do a lot better themselves.



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