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Readers reviews of A Mathematician Plays the Market
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Review by David Harte    
My interest in this book was prompted by the flyleaf copy that informed that this author reveals "why technical analysis does not work"; a frightening prospect for me. The gist of this offering is that Paulos, a mathematics Professor at a US uni lost his shirt on a dotcom bust - WorldCom. The good professor then goes on to apply his vast knowledge of mathematics, including probability and statistics as well as applied logic, to explain why it is very difficult to "play the market" and why he blew a wad of cash. To those of us who use the, by now debunked, technical analysis method the answer is obvious - no plan, no stop-loss, no hope.


Review by C Hender

This book is a bit different. John Paulos lost a lot of money on WorldCom - for all the reasons investors lose money. He fell in love with his stock, averaged down, paid his margin calls and froze like a rabbit when he lost so much he couldn't afford to sell. So he wrote a book about it, which probably made him feel a lot better.

But the good thing about this book, which I thoroughly enjoyed, was his honesty in telling the reader what he did. However, he goes further in that he gives us a practising mathematicians view of the various stock picking and trading practices.


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