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At heart this is a travel book. In many travel books the author throws in a  few cultural observations of his own. Rogers throws in financial observations which encompass broad sweeping panoramas. Some observations are banal, some intriguing, and a few perceptive – and many revealed on the unnoticed political and cultural biases of the author.  It is the broad financial  analysis that Rogers is very good at. For most readers, translating these observations into a  specific investment or trading strategy is virtually impossible.

Read this for broad background brushwork. The relationships he observes will impact on the way some companies trade in your home market. Understanding some of these relationships may help to decide on a macro level that the commodity boom driven by Chinese demand is sustainable so buying shares in a resource company is a useful strategy. I’m not sure we need Jim Rogers to alert us to this, but his observations are useful confirmation of other trends we observe.

This is quite an interesting travel book.



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