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Readers reviews of Trading Secrets

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The update remains an excellent book. New sections include trading CFDs and material on trading FX markets. There are also updates on the psychology of trading.  The book has been restructured to start with chapters on setting up trading as a business and developing the psychology of trading necessary for long term success. This changes reflects the importance of these factors in achieving trading success.

This is an excellent insight into how a planned and consistent trading approach is developed. Louise does cover many areas in this book, but her main objective is to bring together the features, processes, planning and risk control methods that she uses successfully in her own trade. This includes an integrated use of options, and trading the short side of the market.


Many first time readers will be interested in the specifics of her techniques, particularly those relating to using candlestick charts for analysis. Those readers with more experience in the market will find the sections on planning risk management and money management particularly useful. Her comments on different trading styles between men and women, and the need for keen self awareness for trading success are important material for improving trading results.


Each chapter is followed by a review section, along with answers. This format makes the book useful for the new traders who wants to identify his trading problems and move onto more successful approaches.

This book is a good guide to developing an effective trading approach. It is also a good explanation of the types of processes that the author uses in her own trading.



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