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Readers reviews of Active Investing

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This is a great book covering the nuts and bolts of one approach to trading the market on a long term basis. The author outlines strategies which combine the objectives of long term trading with the specifics of risk management as used by traders. His objective is to identify stocks with the most attractive rate of return. This means good investment returns without the need to either ignore stocks completely, or look at them every day.


Alan shows how stocks are selected on these criteria. he provides the formulas used in these searches. Key to this is the application of his range indicator and his rate of return indicator. They are used to define limits of acceptable risk. He also shows how risk is controlled and managed. This is an active investing approach. It will suit those who want more out of their investments, but who do not want to become active traders or screen jockeys.


This books shows you how to take control of your investments and investment returns.



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