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Readers reviews of Metastock In A Nutshell

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This is the book every user needs to learn how to turn Metastock into an exceptionally useful trading tool. Many users are overwhelmed by the complexity of Metastock. They simply do not know where to start. This book sets out to take readers step by step through the process of constructing indicators and designing searches.


This book cuts through the clutter of the Metastock manual which is written by programmers. This book is written by an experienced Metastock user. It is like working with a training session. Full screen shots of all steps are included. This includes the little dialog and warning boxes that pop up and frighten new users.

The advantage of this book is the way it enables readers to quickly master the task of tweaking indicators and building new ones. It also shows readers how to create many of the shortcuts that experienced Metastock users take for granted.



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