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Readers reviews of New Thinking In Technical Analysis

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This review is an extract from my intriduction to the Australian edition of this book.

This book gives readers an opportunity to literally tear a chapter out of 12 of these expensive books, take them home to read at leisure and then to make a more informed decision to perhaps buy a book that covers the concepts in detail.


Each chapter provides an excellent introduction to a particular technique, body of theory, or trading approach. Each writer shows how the technique is integrated into every-day trading. Linda Bradford Raschke starts with the general principles of price behavior. This theory underpins her trading techniques. Then she shows how she applies selected aspects of this theory to specific trading strategies.


All traders yearn for the opportunity to sit down with an acknowledged expert and peer over their shoulder as they make trading decisions. Few traders have this opportunity. Those that are lucky do not always take full advantage of the situation. It takes time to learn, and the novice needs to return again and again to particular situations to work out just what happened. Just looking over a trader’s shoulder does not provide this replay facility.


This is where this book is particularly useful. Here twelve traders explain the techniques they use in their trading. They provide a reference point which can be revisited as many times as necessary. If the reader is unclear on a particular section, on a specific point, or a particular trading decision, it is easy to go back to the chapter and read about the issue. This replay ability helps us to learn and understand the processes these traders use.


Of course we cannot ask them questions as we could with a live coach, but the chapters are well written so most questions are anticipated and answered. I read this book to keep my trading edge sharpened with ongoing education. I trust that you will also pick up information that sharpens your trading edge.



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